Colony Counter Galaxy 230 Rocker

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Product specifications :

Product type: New

Location: DKI Jakarta Jakarta Barat

Pubdate: 2017-10-04

Trade type:: Retail

 Features :
◆ Exclusive Back Button
The Back Button Offers The Convenience To Deduct Data When Over Counting.

◆ Suitable For Petri-Dishes In Various Diameters
Galaxy 230’S Adjustable Dish Holder Can Accept Most Petri-Dishes In A Wide Range Of Diameters From 90 To 150 Mm Or 60 Mm.

◆ Innovative Pc Software (Optional)
The Innovative Pc Software Can Help User Record, Trace Data Or Print Out Report Etc..

◆ Pressure Sensor Design
Pressure Sensor Design Can Allow User To Operate With Any Marking Pens. No Worry About Sample Spoiled Or Contaminated.

No. Iklan G8773
Kategori: Chemical»Laboratory Equipment»
tag Alat Labolatorium
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