Colony Counter Funke Gerber

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Product specifications :

Product type: New

Location: DKI Jakarta Jakarta Barat

Pubdate: 2017-10-04

Trade type:: Retail

 Dimensions ( Lxhxw) : 27, 5 X 8 X 30Cm

Optimal Contrast Conditions
By The Customization Of The Color ( Pat. Pend.) And The
Brightness - An Effortlessy Work Is Made Possible.
Color Choice: 65 Color Variants, Made From The Primary
Colors Red/ Green/ Blue - Are Available.
Brightness: The Brightness Can Be Adjusted In 65 Steps.
Colonystar With Reducing Insert
Automatic Counting
The Counting Impulse Is Activated By The Pressuresensitive
Counting Plate. The Pressure Sensitivity For The
Count Can Be Adjusted. Any Ordinary Felt-Tip Pen Can Be
Used For The Marking.
Technical Description
Easy-To-Clean Plastic Casing, Height Adjustable,
Illumination Area Of 145 Mm Ø With 1 Cm2 And
1/ 9 Cm2 Graduation. Petri Dishes Of Up To 145 Mm Ø
Can Be Used. The Supplied Reducing Insert Can Be Used
For Dishes With Smaller Diameters.
Counting Plate, Ø 145 Mm
Dazzle-Free Illumination By The Use Of High Power Led.
The Irradiation Is Carried Out Both Of Below And Sideways.
No Warming Of The Petri Dishes.

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