Tetra - Gas Detector Multi Sensor Crowcon

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Crowcon Gas-Tetra Is Designed Simply To Make It Easier To Use A Tool To Detect A Variety Of Gases

Single-Button Operation And Intelligent Sensor Modules Guarantee Simplicity And Flexibility Of Use. Crowcon Tetra Offers Flexibility, Assurance, And Security

Up To Four Gases Measured
Digital Interchangeable I-Module Sensors For Full Flexibility
Loud 94Dba Alarm Sounds A Tone Selected
Built In Vibrating Alarm As Standard
Rugged And Robust, Ip65 Protection
Simultaneous 4 Gas Display With Automatic Backlight
Peak Mode Operation
Twa Reading Recall
Data And Logging Activities
Simple Ir Interface To Pc
Pump Option

Shockproof Internal Construction And Self-Checking Software Ensures Reliable Gas Detection In The Most Difficult Environments. While Robust Construction Provides Full Weather Protection And Shock Proof Design.
Crowcon Tetra Highly Reliable In Harsh Conditions. Featuring Li-Ion Rechargeable And Interchangeable Gas Sensors, These Instruments Can Be Reconfigured To Suit A Very Wide Range Of Applications.

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