Portable Multi-Gas Detector Triple Plus +

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 Portable Multi-Gas Detector
Triple Plus +
Triple Plus +
Intrinsically Safe Portable Multigas Monitors

The Triple Plus Family Has Set The Standard For Portable Multigas Monitors With Their Combination Of Ruggedness, Reliability, Ease Of Use, And Full Flexibility Of Sensor Combinations For Flammable Gases, Oxygen And Toxic Gases. Intrinsically Safe, The Triple Plus + Has Provided Enhanced Facilities Including Selection Of Flammable Gas Correction Factors, And Annotation Of The Data File With User Names And Site Names Selected From Pre-Configured Files In The Unit.

Up To Four Gases Measured
Interchangeable Sensors Allows Full Flexibility
Large Simultaneous Four Gas Display With Backlight
Loud Audible Alarm
Bright Visual Alarm
Full Timed Data-Logging File With 100 Hour Capacity
User And Site Names Logging
Easy Selection Of Flammable Gas Correction Factors
User Menu Allows Calibration Without Pc Connection

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