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Product specifications : Handling imported goods in Customs

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Pubdate: 2018-01-20

Trade type:: Service

 PT. Barona Mitra Perkasa, is a company engaged in the service and delivery of goods both from inside to outside the country or from outside to inside the country and well as distribution of domestic goods between islands in Indonesia as well as goods delivery services in the form of cars, motorcycles, spare parts, machines and others as well as large and small packages with the purpose of the city and inter-city 

As for some of our products / services are as follows:
1. Export and import
2. Custom Clearence
3. Undername
4. Door to Door Service
5. Import wholesale (All-in)
6. Trucking Charter
7. Domestic Sea freight
8. Mover Service for Large Project
I Required documents from country of origin (Shipper)
1. Bill of Lading / MAWB and HAWB (original)
2. Invoice and Packing List (original)
3. Certificate related to certain goods
II Documents required from Importers
1. PIB (Import Declaration Form) or PIB BC 2.3
2. Customs Master Number (NIK)
3. Copy of SIUP4. Copy of NPWP
5. Marine Cargo Insurance
6. Power of Attorney (original)
7. Photocopy of Purchase Orders / Remittance Contract / Sales Contract
8. Related certificates for certain items (if required)
9. Relevant and valid permits for controlled goods
It is thus conveyed that good cooperation can be established.
For more information contact us:
Pondok Gede highway Number.39 Kampung Dukuh
Jakarta Timur 13550 - Indonesia
Phone : +6221-8778-7689
Fax     : +6221-8778-7690
Email  : baronalogistics@yahoo.com
web    : www.baronalogistics.net

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Fax: 6221-8778-7690
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