Hydraulic Ikame Motor Cars - THUNDER H

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IDR 25,000,000.00/set

Product brand: ikame

Product specifications : Single Post Mono-H

Product type: New

Location: Jawa Barat Bekasi

Pubdate: 2018-01-24

Trade type:: Retail

 Hydraulic Car Wash / Single post, used to lift the car so that the bottom (chassis) can be cleaned properly and freely. It is important to avoid the formation of the crust / dirt on the bottom of the vehicle which can cause chaos / damage to the chassis / body of the lower car. Single Post Hydraulic cars are driven by wind power supplied from air compressors.

- 4 ton lift capacity
- Using valve control oil, serves to keep hydraulic stability and eliminate tapping when hydraulic rise and fall
- This hydraulic lift height of 15ocm, is the optimal height for washing and servicing the car
- Using stainless / full hard chrome coating
- The coating made from teflon makes the skate more smoothly
- Using 4 stopper plate system to hold the piston not out of bushing and can be rotated 360 degree.
- Model: Single Post Mono-H
- Lift Capacity: 4000 kg
- Diameter of Piston: 270 mm
- High lift: 1500 mm
Hydraulic table:
- Length of range: 4000 mm
- Width range: 2000 mm
Full Hard Chrome: 90 micron
Official Warranty full 2 ​​years

No. Iklan G8848
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