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 PT.Multi Samudera interbuana, is a company engaged in the field of Expedition International Freight Forwarders for the processing of Import to Customs (PPJK). Both via sea or via air domiciled in Jakarta and we are ready to assist any needs related to Customs clearance, Customs Clearance, All In Orders Door To Door Undername Import - Export, Domestic and Transportation of goods to all parts of Indonesia and International. I. Customs Clearance Services The main activities / services we currently are as follows: - Under Name Export & Import Air - Under Name Export & Import Sea FCL / LCL - Customs Clearance both Sea and Air cargo (Ex-License) - Sea Transportation FCL / LCL - Import Wholesale (all in) - Land Transport (Inland truck, Railway) - Cargo surveillance - Warehousing and storage - Completion of cost / insurance bill, freight cost (Land, Sea, Air) and other related to Export & Import. II. Undername Services In order to perform the importation activities in the company Mr / Mrs who do not have the Import License If the Company does not have IMPORT LICENSE (API, NIK or other permits) may use our Company's Undername as Consignee. Facilities Undername we provide: - N P W P - A P I-U - S R P / N I K - N P I K - IT Electronics - IT SPI-IRON / STEEL   III. BAG HS CODE (LEGALITY IMPORT UNDERNAME) - BAG IV (HS No. 1601 s / d 2403) Food & Beverage - BAG V (HS No. 2501 s / d 2716) Mineral Products - BAG VI (HS No. 2801 to 3826) Chemicals (Chemical) - BAG VII (HS No. 3901 s / d 4017) Plastic & Plastic Goods - BAG X (HS No. 4701 to 4911) Mechanical wood - BAG XI (HS No. 5001 s / d 6310) Textile & Textile Goods - BAG XII (HS No. 6401 s / d 6704) Rubber or plastic - BAG XIII (HS No. 6801 s / d 7020) Stone & Ceramic Products - BAG XIV (HS No. 7101 s / d 7118) Precious Metals (Iron & Steel) - BAG XV (HS No. 7201 to 8311) Iron and iron mirror - BAG XVI (HS No. 8401 to 8548) Machinery & Mechanical Equipment - BAG XVII (HS No. 8601 s / d 8908) Vehicles & Supplies - BAG XVIII (HS NO 9001 s / d 9209) Lenses and mirrors - BAG XXI (HS No. 9701 to 9803) Arts & Collectors - BAG XX (HS No. 9401 s / d 9619) Factory Results III. Transportation Services PT.Multi Samudera interbuana, serving the delivery / distribution of goods domestics to the entire archipelago Covarage Area Distribution Domestics PT. Multi Ocean interbuana, are: Jakarta- Java -Bali - Sumatera- Kalimantan- Via Land, Sea, Air, and we also have branches in some areas.   Note: - The services we have submitted include EDI Transfer fee (PIB) and Yellow Line Inspection. - If the goods are not in accordance with the notification / Packing list outside of our responsibility. Our operational areas are as follows: - Soekarno-Hatta International Airport - Port of Tanjung Priok (Jakarta) - Port of Tanjung Perak (Surabaya) - Port of Tanjung Emas (Semarang) - Belawan Port (Medan)

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